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No Village?  Build One!

Villages are places where people gather.  If you don't a "ready made" village, just decide to be one!

A store?  A coffee pot?  A park?  A back lot? 
Any place where people are invited to drop in!

A village can be as simple as getting folks to gather at the same place at the same time...

Use your public space!  You "own" it after all...

So use it!

* A farmer's market

* Street performer "festival" with street vendors

* Coffee Time at someone's house

* Tot Time at the library

* Old car night/day at the park

These are all things that can be done with virtually no money.
They require just the desire to gather.

These are all things that don't require new building.
Do them all, or one at a time... 

In many cases they don't even electricity or carbon-use.  Just a desire to gather and trade information, wares, and community spirit...

Talk to your local municipality.  See how you can start something locally.  Talk to your neighbors.  Create "drop in" times in a local park...with a BBQ! 

Villages can be virtually anywhere!

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