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About Us
Terra started thinking about Slow Villages when she moved from New Jersey to "the country" outside of Boston, a semi-rural town (at the time), to a village.  She realized that she liked the pace of the village and liked the nature of being able to walk to the stores and gather "in the center".  She noticed that a community of people seemed to "grow" from that Village Center.  That was decades ago, and "her village" has changed substantially.  It's still a village, but few people gather.  Businesses are there...but in a lot of cases, "just barely".  You can get fresh produce and beverages in the market, but it's pretty limited.  One recent visitor did remark, "but the gas station has the biggest beef jerky display in the entire world!"  Anyway, life goes on. 

Many of the older people still  live in the village.  And a new "crop" of residents has emerged and seem very interested in preserving and regaining the village "feel" in West Acton Center, while preserving it's very affordable nature and make room for new people by rehabbing huge houses and splitting them up into more affordable housing.

This site is Terra's attempt to gather the thoughts and resources that "Village People" have brought to the table in an attempt to see if we can help West Acton thrive in an ecologically, socially and fiscally sustainable way.
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