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Case Study:  Acton, Village Land Preservation
Click the links below to see an "evolving" presentation outlining some of the issues a small village in Massachusetts is dealing with. 

Many moons ago, the village residents voted in zoning changes that allowed "higher density" building (more homes on a plot of land).  The plan was to develop the villages "sustainably" and result in vibrant village atmosphere. 

BUT what happened instead is that the villages got congestion and overcrowding and high taxes.  Now some people are wondering if it isn't time to "do something".  One option is for the Town to buy as much village land as possible.  Then the Town can decide what kind of building, or if the land will be left to open space... 

Here are a couple versions of the presentation:

To see the "original draft presentation" to the Board of Selectmen on July 13, 2009, revised July 16th in response to BoS input, click here.  This was the presentation provided to the Open Space committee that week.

To see the NEWER version that was crafted after input from the OSC and the Planning Board in early August, click here.

See pictures of the village (click here).  Note the difference between "green spaces" in the village and "built spaces" in the village that were allowed AFTER village zoning went into affect.

For the "full impact" of these presentations, save the file on your machine. Open PowerPoint, then open the file from your machine, and choose "View" and select "Notes Page".
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